Mr. Winn was appointed by the Circuit Court for Henrico County in 1996 as a wedding officiant to perform civil wedding ceremonies anywhere in Virginia. 

Your wedding ceremony can be as unique and special as you want it to be. It can fit your specific combination of family traditions with your individual styles and philosophies.


I develop your wedding ceremony in two possible manners. 

If you want a private or short-notice ceremony at my home or yours, or perhaps a restaurant or park, I would select a ceremony from my portfolio based on a telephone interview.  The Henrico Government Center has a nice venue at Lake Hening beside Prince Henry Drive off Parham Road.

If you are having a formal “venue” wedding at a church, park, or hotel, with at least a month’s notice, you may choose the personalized ceremony.  This process begins with an in-person interview and a PPT presentation describing the process of developing a personalized ceremony.  The couple always has the final decision on what words are used. When we meet, I will show you my 25 page booklet with suggestions concerning the ceremony. The words I suggest are a starting point, as you have the greatest latitude in selections of vows, readings, music, etc.  If you decide to use my services, you will be given the booklet.  The couple would choose wording from the booklet (or bring their own words into the ceremony).  I will assist as needed to write words for special situations.

It is my philosophy that the bride and groom are marrying each other, not that I am marrying them TO each other. I make no discrimination because of your race, color, ethnicity, orientation, or creed. This is your ceremony. You may incorporate into it whatever is meaningful to you. No two weddings are exactly alike because no two couples have precisely the same beliefs and aspirations. Each wedding is a unique occasion. If the ceremony is really to mean something, then it is essential that it reflects what the couple feels. In preparing for the ceremony, the couple is encouraged to talk and think very seriously about what they want for the ceremony. Rather than impose a standard form on a wedding, I believe in helping couples to plan their own individual ceremonies. I believe that for a couple to plan their own service is the best preparation for it. The Celebrant (also known as a wedding Officiant) is there for guidance and advice, and to become your spokesperson. 

Out of more than 2,500 weddings performed in the past several years, I have performed many mixed background and interfaith ceremonies. I have performed such ceremonies for Christian, Jewish, Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist, and Humanist participants. I also perform weddings in Spanish, German, and Italian.

 Many locations are possible. I have performed weddings in churches, parks, homes, by the riverside, at plantation houses, a botanical garden, B&B’s, hotels, museums, and college and military chapels. Locations must be within a reasonable driving distance from Richmond, Virginia.  Most of my wedding ceremonies are performed in Henrico, Hanover, Goochland, Chesterfield, New Kent, Hopewell, Petersburg, Richmond, King William, Caroline, Fluvanna, Louisa, Powhatan, Fredericksburg, Charlottesville, Williamsburg, Sanndston, Highland Springs, and other central Virginia localities. 

 Costs are based on the level of additional or ancillary services requested of the celebrant and start with a nominal amount for a basic standard ceremony without meetings, travel, rehearsals, or personalized ceremony script. The honorarium for additional services such as travel, tolls, meetings, printing, rehearsal, booklet, and the preparation of a customized ceremony should be reimbursed based on the time required of the celebrant and out-of-pocket expenses.

 Call to set up an appointment for an interview at (804) 262-9295. Interview times are usually weeknights after 6 pm, and weekends. The interview gives you an opportunity to ask questions, go over the 25 page ceremony development booklet (which contains the typical format for a ceremony and many alternatives for vows, readings, etc.). We will discuss your general expectations for the ceremony. We can also discuss the location, rehearsal, and projected honorarium. No deposit is required or accepted and the honorarium may be presented at the rehearsal (or on the day of the ceremony, if I am not required at the rehearsal).

 It should be noted that Mr. Winn's commission to perform ( officiate ) weddings is as a civil wedding officiant or commissioner, and that all weddings he performs are classified as "civil" by the state, no matter what kinds of cultural statements are included. The Virginia Code makes no statement about the form or words of a marriage ceremony.  Persons comissioned to  perform civil weddings are sometimes referred to as a commissioner, or "Justice of the Peace" ( JP ) although the term is not an official title in Virginia.  Typically, Judges and Magistrates have filled this duty, but the Virginia Code allows Circuit Courts to appoint whomsoever they wish to the position, upon the posting of a $500 cash bond.  In Virginia, religious leaders such as ministers, priests, rabbis, etc., may apply to perform religious weddings, but must meet criteria beyond simply being "ordained."  Sometimes ministers who concentrate on weddings are known as wedding ministers or community ministers. In Spanish the similar official is a "Juez de paz" (Justice of the peace).

Contact Information:
Henrico Wedding Officiant
B. Meredith Winn, Jr.
804 262 9295
Address: 8421 Mundy Drive
 Henrico VA 23228

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